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Clifton Daniel, John W. Kirshon

Jingo (Discworld Novels)

Jingo - Terry Pratchett War! What is it good for! A good laugh if Pratchett is writing about it and an even better laugh if the Watch is involved. In this case winning a war just means being at the right place and at he right time. Which is unfortunate for Vimes' pocket disorganizer.Terry manages to show just how ludicrous most of the reasons for going to war are. Drawing from current events also manages to drive his point home. I also loved the addition of women's rights and Corporal Nobbs statement I've only been a woman 10 minutes and already I hate you male bastards. probably gave me my biggest laugh. I would rate this as one of his best in the Discworld series that I've read so far and I'm hoping there are more to match this level of social satire.