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Chronicle of the 20th Century: The Ultimate Record of Our Times
Clifton Daniel, John W. Kirshon


Galapagos - Here we go again with my romance with dystopian futures but this is a tale with a difference. Not only is there no government to control us but there's also no over sized brain. So maybe it's a post apocalyptic story? Well no as it seems we're pretty damned happy being something akin to fur seals. So its a cautionary tale of evolution. Can I hear Darwin laughing?Only Vonnegut could tell this tale and make it funny but then again he is the master of satirizing humanity and our achievements. You can tell that Vonnegut wishes we would all wise up before it's too late but if we don't, this is the direction he'd like to see us go in. Unable to do further damage with our big brains and opposable thumbs. Yup that's Darwin I hear and me chuckling along with him.