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The Dark Tower: 7

The Dark Tower - Stephen King Sometimes I hate the fact that my subconscious or OCD or whatever it is won't let me put a book down permanently. This is one of those times.Oh Discordia! That describes this mess most aptly. Discordant and hopelessly lost. I'm not sure it ever found it's way but instead meandered aimlessly till it fizzled.What once continues as a wonderful but dark tale of fantasy soon turns to King's forte, horror. Maybe I should say weakness. When it only took brief forays into horror it was tolerable but this book puts on an expedition.*Second part of the review contains spoilers*A werespider named Mordred?Sharing pimples and snot belongs in an epic series? Has King reverted to childhood?I can't even begin to contemplate the answers to those questions and sadly it goes the proverbial downhill from here.We get to witness the killing off of more of the Ka-tet as well as a non battle with Mordred. Leave it to King to let diarrhea weaken a main protagonist. The final battle with the Crimson King was beyond pathetic. Yes Mr. King it became obvious you were as tired of the series as I was.Now for the one redeeming part of this story. The ending. I may be one of the few that liked it. What better punishment for obsessiveness to the point where you opt for a mythical legend rather then the friends you met along the way. It's just too bad that they will probably all end up as diminished as they were on the 1st, 4th or 1000th retelling. For this alone I gave the book a 2.