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From Hell

From Hell - Eddie Campbell, Pete Mullins, Alan Moore There is so much to this book (graphic novel) that I really did need a few days to digest it as well as a chance to reread a few of the notes at the end.I do realise that it's one of the repudiated theories of who the Ripper was but it's still a compelling read and the somewhat indistinct art lends itself to the story well. I think if this had been in full color that the impact would be lost.I sometimes wondered if all the tangents were necessary. The lessons in architecture, religion and general life in the Victorian era were fascinating to me and indded did learn a lot. It wasn't until closer to the end that it dawned on me that I did need to know some of this to be able to absorb and understand the entire story.I am learning to enjoy Moore more but it's also dawning on me that he does like mysoginistic topics and views in most of his works. I'll just assume it's the works and not the man himself.