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Fight Club: A Novel

Fight Club: A Novel - You would almost think I dislike contemporary writing and literature. I don't. I just haven't been bowled over by the last couple I have read. Including this one.It's a shame as the premise is original but the execution was not edgy and it lacked soul. The Narrator seemed flat and while Tyler was more three dimensional Palahniuk give away the secret so much earlier in the book that he didn't have near the impact that he had in the movie. I found I could only connect to Marla and she's one of the main reasons I liked the book as she was the most fully fleshed out of the main characters. The whole disaffected youth scenario read more like stupid, bored and self absorbed somewhat young adults behaving badly. The whole thing becoming a real mess towards the end of this novel.I really preferred the movie. I will read another of Palahniuk's books.