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The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle - Philip K. Dick PKD's books seem to resonate with the question. “What is real?” In this case it can mean anything from Americana to the people you meet to the world you think you live in. Three very different America's. One governed by the Japanese which consists of all the west coast as well as some of Nevada. One a quasi independent state including most of the American Midwest and the other by the Germans which contains the eastern seaboard and New England states.Nasty, nasty, nasty. Not that our world is so great at the moment but the alternate history here is horrific. In the German section it's as you would expect from our own history. The final solution brought to full strength and the rest that don't fall in with the Aryan ideal forced to work in labour camp situations. Slavery is reinstated.Japanese America is much freer then the German held side but still has such rigid rules of conduct that most westerners are bound to fail. Unless they strive to retain themselves. Another lesson this story contains.An alternate history that contains a book considered fiction based on what it believes is real history. The author of the in story's book having a surprising source for his suppositions. My head did spin for more then a moment. Yet is it real? This book leaves you wondering and it's a shame that the sequel was never written as it is left so open ended.I can see why this is required reading in some schools. Its a great book to interpret and review. The characters are strong and well written and they have fully fledged minds for you to follow and explore.I do note that Canada is still Canada in this book and that only Nova Scotia was co-opted by the nazis.Go Canada!