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Small Gods (Discworld Novels)

Small Gods - Terry Pratchett With so many books in this series I thought I'd only review those that stood out for me either good or bad. Can you guess which this one is?One line, a few pages in, made me laugh louder then anything else has for a bit."Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you."What a brilliant line and I was hoping I was in store for one of Pratchett's good ones. Yet, as I read, I was noticing that this book was becoming more serious than any of the others so far in this series. Even though it does stand alone I consider all the Discworld books a form of series. I was now primed for disappointment.The more I read the more I was drawn in by what really were sound philosophies. All done with dry and sardonic wit and none of them forcing any philosophy or religion but instead leading you to the trough and letting you decide whether or not to drink. The points on democracy being presented just the same way.Most of the book wasn't laugh out loud but what I would call full of knowledgeable chuckles. The next line to make me laugh loud was near the end. “But we have god on our side!” How many times has that been said by how many religious leaders? Think about it.I loved the Reverend Mr. Black references and a cameo by a certain librarian. Yes, this is one of the good ones.