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Secret History (Vintage Contemporaries)

The Secret History - Donna Tartt What a gem! I'm glad I finally took the time to read this book and what a nice surprise it was. Not that the subject matter or the mood of the book is nice but the writing was so well done that you find yourself liking characters that really were very unlikable. Fascinating, yes, but not in the least people I would care to know.Despite the fact that the characters are self absorbed, intellectual twits this a page turner. Which is a feat all in itself considering it tells you whodunnit pretty much right up front. There's a couple of characters, Julian and Francis, that are pretty easy to read from the start but the development of Henry is what made this story compelling. You will have to forgive the ending as it almost seems tacked on but in retrospect it fits better than most endings I could think of. It goes to show that being educated does not necessarily equate to being smart.