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The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield This is what I wish Jane Eyre had been like. Lots of mystery, family secrets, Gothic settings and no histrionics in sight. The protagonist, while having her own problems, is neither simpering or given to flights of fancy. Ironically she works in a book store and her favourite book is Jane Eyre but we can't all be perfect.This story seems suspended in time. I would be hard pressed to put a real date on any of the occurrences in the story and that seems to add to atmosphere of mystery rather then detract. I am also truly impressed with Setterfield's prose. None of this book came across as overwrought or purple which will cause a lot to give it a poor rating. It's one of the many reasons I'll give it a high rating. Not everyone is enamoured of fainting and or shrinking violets. I found myself interested in all the characters and truly swept up with the main ones. The settings were well described and I just love the moors. I even think I have an inkling now of what it's like to be a twin.